Evaluation Methods

Our comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), completed every three years, is our foundation for addressing health disparities and improving health outcomes. It guides our investments in community health research and programs.

We conduct focus groups, interview key stakeholders, facilitate listening sessions and use the data to prioritize and address health and social needs. Priorities identified by the 2019 CHNA included behavioral health; chronic disease management and prevention; and access, navigation and health literacy. We will determine if priorities have shifted during the 2022 CHNA cycle.

In addition to community input, we incorporate quantitative data from various public health sources (i.e., the Texas Department of Health Services, Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council, Healthy Community Institute and County Health Rankings). This helps us understand the socioeconomic, neighborhood and physical environment, social support networks, and healthcare access outlook across our service area and how these factors may impact health status and outcomes.