The Internal Medicine Curriculum is a well-balanced mix of inpatient and outpatient experiences in general internal medicine and the subspecialties. This enables the resident to become an excellent primary care physician and provides a solid internal medicine foundation for the resident entering a subspecialty fellowship.

6 months of General
Medicine Wards*
5 months of General
Medicine Wards*
1 month of ICU**
1 month of Emergency Medicine
5 months of General
Medicine Wards*
1 month of ICU**
1 month of Day Float***
1 month of ICU**
4 months of Electives/Selectives**** 5 months of Electives/Selectives**** 6 months of Electives/Selectives****

* During the general medicine ward months, residents are on-call every fifth night. All residents receive five days off per month (a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday). Additional vacation days are not permitted.

** During the ICU months, residents work Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to no later than 6 p.m. Residents are not on-call at night and have weekends off. Vacation days are not permitted.

*** During the day float month, PGY- 1 residents will admit 1-2 patients with the on-call team in the morning and then cross-cover for the post call team in the afternoon. They will have every fifth day off and categorical residents will attend clinic at least twice a month. Vacation days are not permitted.

**** During the elective/selective months, residents work Monday through Friday. Residents do not take overnight call and are generally allowed to take up to five consecutive vacation days during the elective/selective months.

All elective and selective rotations are on campus.

The following is a list of Selective rotations that categorical residents must complete during their three-year residency:

1 month of Ambulatory Medicine 1 month of Infectious Diseases
1 month of Cardiology 1 month of Nephrology
1 month of Endocrinology 1 month of Neurology
1 month of Gastroenterology 1 month of Pulmonary Medicine
1 month of Geriatrics 1 month of Rheumatology
1 month of Hematology-Oncology

The following is a list of Elective rotations:

Allergy/Immunology* Geriatrics Ophthalmology
Ambulatory Medicine Hematology/Oncology Private Practice
Cardiology Infectious Diseases Pulmonary Medicine
Dermatology* Nephrology Radiology
Endocrinology Neurology Rheumatology

*Can do combined month with 2 weeks each

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

The categorical residents will rotate to and participate in the following hospital committees for three month each: Sepsis, Peer Review, Infection Prevention and Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee (QIPSC).

The categorical residents will also participate in one Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process for the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.


Core Curriculum Lecture Series

The core curriculum lecture series is held at noon every Monday and Thursday. Faculty from each subspecialty of internal medicine present lectures covering basic science and pathophysiology. This series also includes lectures on neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, pain management, emergency medicine, dermatology, geriatrics, sleep medicine, and a variety of other topics.

Clinical Update in Internal Medicine

This conference is held every Wednesday at noon. Nationally recognized experts and our faculty are invited to present the latest updates in their field. Each month a different subspecialty of internal medicine is highlighted.

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement - Clinical Pathological Conference (CPC)

CPC is held one Friday a month at noon. A challenging case is presented by a resident and discussed by a faculty member after relevant imaging is presented by a radiologist. A pathologist then reviews pathology and the final diagnosis.


Potpourri conference is held two Fridays a month at noon. Residents present two of the most interesting patients seen in the last month. The presenting resident, faculty and program directors emphasize teaching points.

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement - Morbidity and Mortality Conference

Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) conference is held one Friday a month at noon. Residents present patients who expired or had unexpected complications. Teaching points and learning opportunities are emphasized by the presenting resident, faculty, and program directors.

Interns' Conference

Every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon, the interns meet with Dr. Patel or Dr. Goodman to discuss recent cases. Interns develop presentation skills and diagnostic abilities and gain an appreciation for pathophysiology of the disease state.

Morning Report

The program directors and core faculty conduct Morning Report daily, Monday through Friday, from 9 to 10:00 a.m. Cases admitted the night before are presented. Diagnosis and management are discussed. The conference is attended by upper level residents on the ward service.

Journal Club

A resident-led Journal Club is held twice a month on Tuesdays at noon. Residents and faculty participate in the discussion of recent medical literature, applying the concepts of evidence-based medicine and biostatistics to evaluate published research studies.

Residents' Conference

Once a year, each resident presents a one-hour talk on an internal medicine topic of his or her choice. This residents' conference is held every other Tuesday at noon.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Interns' Conference
  • Core Curriculum Lecture Series
  • Journal Club
  • Residents' Conference
  • Clinical Update in Internal Medicine
  • Core Curriculum Lecture Series
  • Clinical Pathological Conference
  • Potpourri
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference

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