Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Texas Health Promise Principles
At Texas Health EAP, we take our Promise Principles very seriously and integrate them fully into our work with you, our employees, the foundation of our organization! We are here to support you through whatever situation you are navigating and your trust in us is essential to our success. We are individuals caring for individuals together and we strive to provide support and services.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our program, without it, we wouldn’t exist. We are committed to ensuring your needs are met in a private and confidential manner. When you contact the Texas Health EAP you can expect:

  • No one will know you are using Texas Health EAP services unless you personally share this information with others or sign a release of information requesting that the program share information with another party on your behalf. Information will not be released to your employer, leaders, managers, supervisors,  coworkers, friends or family without your written permission. This includes all personal identifying information and information about Texas Health EAP services you have accessed in person, via phone or online.

  • All state and federal guidelines pertaining to confidentiality will be followed.

  • All records will be maintained and managed by Texas Health EAP staff only.

  • All documentation is maintained separately from EPIC medical records or Texas Health employment records and only Texas Health EAP staff can access EAP records.

  • As licensed mental health providers, EAP counselors abide by the same privacy and confidentiality laws as any other mental health professional, guided by state laws/mandates and ethical codes.

  • All EAP counseling clients will be informed about confidentiality. Texas Health EAP counselors review our confidentiality policy with you at the beginning of your first session, including the limits to confidentiality. Limits to confidentiality are legally mandated requirements whereby, if we become aware that you are in danger of harming yourself, others, or the institution, a duty to warn and/or protect may be applicable.

For additional information regarding out confidentiality policies please visit our FAQ page.

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